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Relieve your stress with a Swedish massage or lose inches from your waistline with a Harley body wrap. Providing a range of quality and sought-after beauty services, I ensure all treatments are carried out efficiently and to the highest standard. To help you achieve a natural glow, I offer a variety of Fake Bake™ tanning treatments. Don’t delay, book your relaxing massage or perfectly even tanning treatment at my clinic in Bideford, Devon today.

Release your stress with a Swedish massage.

Harley Body Wrap – Inch Loss and Detox

Used to tighten and firm your stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms, a thermal body wrap is an effective way to remove unwanted toxins from your body. With 99% of the system being based on aloe vera and containing a variety of vitamins minerals, it is a comfortable and relaxing treatment. Plus, it is also possible to lose between 5-20 inches after just one wrap!

Perfect for a special occasion or as a slimming motivation, this wrap produces fantastic results. A course of 3-5 wraps is recommended depending on your goals. For your modesty and comfort, a disposable bra and pants are provided or you can bring a spare set of your own if you prefer. The treatment time for this wrap is 2 hours.

Enjoy a complimentary mini facial or manicure to help you relax while the inches and toxins melt away.

Lava Shell Warming Back Massage

Improve your well-being and relax in a blanket of warmth with this soothing deep tissue massage. Heated shells are spread over your body to target knots and tension in your back, neck and shoulders. The treatment time for this is 30 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage

Pure essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities to suit your individual needs. An aromatherapy massage is a holistic and deeply relaxing treatment that promotes physical and psychological health and well-being. The times for this massage are as follows:

 Back, Neck and Shoulders - 30mins 

 Full Body - 1hr Full Body

 Head & Face - 1hr 30mins

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is ideal to relieve stress, tension, muscle aches and pains. This deep tissue massage also improves circulation and eliminates toxins from your body. The times for this massage are as follows:

 Back, Neck and Shoulders - 30mins 

 Full Body - 1hr


Used to balance the flow of energy in your body, Reiki is an effective treatment that has been used for thousands of years. Hands are placed non-intrusively around the body in a sequence of positions whilst you are fully clothed and either seated or laying down. As well as balancing your energy, this treatment can also help when you suffer from physical, mental and emotional problems. Reiki healing is suitable for anyone who is willing to receive it! The recommended time for the initial treatment is 1 hour and 30 minutes for every follow-up treatment after this.

Come to use for your tanning solutions

Fake Bake Self – Tan Treatment

I have used Fake Bake™ tanning products in my clinic for many years, and although it can be bought in many high street shops and online, I still believe that Fake Bake produces the best results.

This luxurious salon treatment prepares the skin for a deep and long-lasting flawless tan. The Fake Bake high-performance botanical-based products are used to exfoliate and moisturise the skin, leaving it silky smooth and ready to tan. To ensure the tan is natural and even, the products are applied by hand in a private, warm and relaxing environment. For your own modesty and comfort, a disposable bra and pants are provided if required.

One of our procedures for tanning

So, Why Fake Bake?

Some of the benefits of Fake Bake include:

 Wash of Colour Guide to Aid Application

 Long Lasting and More Natural Looking Than Most Other Self-Tanners 

 Offers A Variety of Skincare Benefits Including Anti-Ageing and Anti-Oxidants

 Pleasantly Fragranced, Won’t Leave Strong Odour Associated with Other Self-Tans 

 Not Tested on Animals 


The full tanning treatment takes 75 minutes and application is only 45 minutes.

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